Antalya Airport Side Transfer

Antalya Airport transfer to side, from side
Side is one of the points with the longest beach in the Mediterranean and therefore there are many hotels in the region. This situation causes Side to be one of the most important preferences of tourists. This situation means that the number of tourists coming to Side from the airport is very high. While these tourists come to their hotels by different routes, it would not be wrong to say that the most important alternative is Side transfer services. It is much better quality and comfortable than other methods. With the said service provided in accordance with international quality standards, tourists can reach their hotels without the slightest difficulty and start their holidays quickly.

Side is approximately 65 km from Antalya Airport. Transportation is provided by using the road between Antalya and Mersin. The road is much better than in the past, shortening the transportation time. This time is much shorter with the Airport Side transfer process. On average, it would not be wrong to say that the transfer will take 1 hour or less.

There are many hotels as well as different holiday centers in Side. When tourists come here, they can find everything they expect for a holiday. It should not be forgotten that not only the sea, but also different beauties are here. One of the beauties in question is the waterfalls in Manavgat. The Temple of Apollo, Side Ancient City and similar beauties stand out in the region, and even tourists outside Side flock to the region to see them. Therefore, Side is an extremely important holiday destination for tourists.

Different vehicles are used for Antalya Side hotel transfer. The main feature of these vehicles is that they are luxurious and comfortable. In addition, it should be known that there are different vehicle alternatives according to the number of people in the incoming group and the load status. The staff using the vehicles knows several foreign languages, so there is no problem in communicating with tourists. It is important to know the exact location of the hotels in the region in order to complete the transfer in a short time. However, it should be known that they have important advantages such as flight tracking, meeting at the airport and fee refund. Thus, the tourists only take care of the holiday and other matters are handled by the transfer services.
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