Kumköy Transfer Antalya

Kumköy, one of the important holiday centers in Antalya, has an important role in the field of tourism with numerous hotels. The fact that the number of tourists coming here is very high makes it necessary for those who want to come here from the airport and need serious transportation. With the Kumköy transfer, people arrive from the airport to their hotels in a short time and thus no time is lost at the beginning of the holiday and this problem is dealt with. When people book the hotel in advance, they do not show the same care at the transport point most of the time. But this leads to serious grievances. especially the disadvantages of taxi and public transportation in itself, the intensity of the airport and similar elements make it almost obligatory for people to benefit from vip transfer services in order to avoid problems.

The distance between Kumköy and Antalya Airport is approximately 65 km. crossing this distance with a special tool causes people to be less tired, not to experience tension and stress. Therefore, the transfer services of the airport Kumköy is of great importance. Within the scope of the said service, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. For this purpose, flight tracking, waiting at the airport, transfer by means of passenger numbers and 24/7 service concept are used. people are expected and met at the airport. then the people who are taken to the vehicle, how long does it take hotels with specially designed vehicles. During this process, there is no waiting or a different point. This ensures that people do not waste time.

Antalya Kumköy hotel transfer transactions with people who started their holidays, then begin to enjoy the pleasure of this place. When Antalya is mentioned, undoubtedly everyone comes to mind first. Kumköy is one of the prominent settlements with its beach and sea. It is not a coincidence that its name is Kumköy, it is directly related to the beaches in the region. The sandy beaches in the center allow people to enjoy the sun and sand. However, visiting the many historical and natural beauties in the region will cause people to experience different happiness. When all these are evaluated together, the answer to why the number of tourists coming to the region is high is given.

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